Fully-fledged ‘Knowledge-As’ project after provincial grant

After eighteen months of preparation, the Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI) in Venlo can continue with the implementation of logistics projects. With BISCI, the logistics region North Limburg has a knowledge center in wh...

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Blog: Mind the gap!

On January 19-20, we hosted the annual WION conference. This year fully online. Through this event we bring together Purchasing and Supply Chain Management academics that are working for Dutch Universities and/or Universities of Applied Sciences (HBO)....

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Happy New Year From the BISCI team!

Happy New Year from the BISCI team! We still live in challenging and uncertain times, but vaccination has started throughout Europe, hopefully marking the beginning of the end of this Covid-19 pandemic. For BISCI, 2021 will be a year full of opportunit...

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Introductory Interview - Diogo Cotta

Diogo Cotta, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University is interviewed by Shreyas Sridhar, Project Manager at Brightlands Institute of Supply Chain Innovation. Diogo shares details of his current research and his role as an expert advisor at BISCI. read more

Blog: Nouvelle Année, Nouvelle Procurement!

Paul Bocuse, was a French master chef based in Lyon and known for the high quality of his restaurants and his innovative approaches to cuisine. It made him one of the most influential chefs of the second half of the 20th century and...

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Introductory Interview - Prof. Dr. Frank Rozemeijer

Prof. Dr. Frank Rozemeijer, NEVI Professor at Maastricht University is interviewed by Shreyas Sridhar, Project Manager at Brightlands Institute of Supply Chain Innovation. Frank shares details of his experience in multiple roles and an insight into how...

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Blog: What is the purpose?

It is often said that The Netherlands is a country of merchants and vicars, of people with a trade instinct, but also with a moralistic side. However, while we as Procurement professionals are busy preaching about sustainable sourcing, green supply cha...

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PhD Interview - Dr. Ing. Victor Verboeket

Our BISCI colleague, Dr Ing Victor Verboeket, shares his experience of successfully defending his PhD.

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The creation of a new innovation hub for supply chain in Venlo

At the end of August several companies, amongst them vidaXL, Moonen Packaging, Seacon Logistics, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions and Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI), joined together to create Supply Chain Valley (SCV). The SCV i...

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Introductory Interview - Lieven Quintens, Senior Researcher at BISCI

Lieven Quintens, a Senior Researcher at BISCI is interviewed by Grant Davis, one of our Project Managers at BISCI. They discuss Lieven's roles at BISCI, and how he balances the important research he does with his teaching responsibilities and being a '...

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