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Fontys develops Calculation Model for the Healthy Primary School of the Future (GBT)

Fontys Hogeschool Techniek en Logistiek and Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI), together with companies and institutions in the Venlo region, have contributed to GBT by developing a calculation model with which the costs for food chains can be calculated when rolling out healthy primary schools throughout the province of Limburg and beyond.

The idea behind the Healthy Primary School of the Future (GBT) is simple: Teach young children a healthier lifestyle and they will take it into adulthood. Schools can make an important contribution to the health and behavior of children. The concept of GBT consists of several pillars including; healthy diet and exercise.

Very successful pilot

In 2015, four primary schools in the Parkstad region started the “Healthy Primary School of the Future” (GBT) project. A collaboration that is unique for the Netherlands, in which the sustainable promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young children is central. The main partners of the GBT are GGD Zuid-Limburg, the Province of Limburg, Movare, Humankind, Maastricht UMC+, Rabobank and Kinderopvang Parkstad.

Pupils from 4 primary schools of the 'Movare' umbrella were offered a healthy snack and a healthy lunch from school. The lunch was put together in close consultation with the nutrition center and dieticians of the GGD and Sodexo. Studies over a few years, led by MUMC+, showed that children in GBT schools have a healthier weight, a more varied and healthier diet and a healthy lifestyle at school. An unpredicted effect was even that the way to the kitchen table at home was found. The research was carried out on a small scale and the results are so promising that there was a need to investigate how the project could be rolled out and scaled up. The GBT has passed its project status and it is important to think at provincial level about how this development can be implemented as effectively and efficiently as possible. More information about the Healthy Primary School of the Future via: https://www.deGezondebasisschoolvandetoekomst.nl/research-results/resear...

A calculation model for the food chains

Getting healthy and fresh food to the right place, at the right time, at the right cost at multiple primary schools is not that easy. That is why Fontys Hogeschool Techniek en Logistiek, together with the Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI), conducted a follow-up study in 2021. Supported by a RAAK-SIA subsidy, Fontys researchers have developed a calculation model together with companies and institutions in the Venlo region. with which the cost-technical feasibility, as well as the scalability of 'the healthy primary school of the future' to a Limburg and Dutch size can be made clear. The model takes into account the desire to use short chains, i.e. local producers for seasonal products, for example.


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