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Keynote at Gartner Special Interest Group

A keynote by Ton Geurts, Business Director, BISCI and Hans Ehm, Senior Principal Engineer, Infineon at the Gartner Special Interest group for Supply Chain technology trends, innovation and start-up community on the key topic of "How does industry leverage in house innovation centres and universities to spark innovation".

BISCI as an institute is part of a Triple-helix between Academia, Business and Government. Partners of BISCI are Maastricht University, the University for Applied Sciences, Fontys and the Dutch technology institute TNO. These resources and knowledge are then translated to the business world by orchestrating and supporting research and development of digital and sustainable supply chain innovations. 

He shared various examples of BISCI's work with industries in the region and beyond to show how these companies leverage university research capability and knowledge. In the picture an example is shared on feedstock transition and supply chain consequences for the chemical industry.

It is now more critical than ever for companies to work on their sustainability journey and practices, the need for which is further solidified through the latest AR6 IPCC report. By leveraging the resources and knowledge at universities and institutes like BISCI, companies can contribute to be part of the fundamental changes we need to make for current and future generations. The current way mankind uses the planet will sooner than later come to an end. 

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