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Guest Lecture at Rotterdam Business School

Snapshot from yesterday's guest lecture by Ton Geurts, BISCI’s Business Director gave at the Rotterdam Business School organised by Dr Chrisoula (Chris) Papadopoulou MSC Coordinator/Supply Chain Expert. The topic was “Purpose-driven leadership, building Resilience". Ton emphasised that pressing societal trends such as CO2 reduction regulation and the EU Green Deal make it imperative for corporations to act now. Moreover, it enables companies to stay relevant, be more resilient and more competitive in the future.

Cheers to educating a new generation of purpose-driven leaders!

Dr Chrisoula Papadopoulou shares:

"It was a pleasure having Ton Geurts, Director of Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI), as our first honored guest speaker in the MSC Current Trends in Supply Chain class. We had over 100 MSC students attending this hybrid class.

Hard topics, such as how to create supply chain resilience during the current times and prepare for the future by transforming supply chains to purpose-driven, solidified the knowledge and understanding of our students of what needs to be done to move current supply chains to that state. An inspirational talk leading to further critically think of how strategic and operational choices of today impact the future company value & performance."

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