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AR6 IPCC Report

At BISCI we continue to be a voice, advocate, research team and advisory team for Sustainabilty Action. The recent AR6 IPCC report on the Physical Science Basis for Climate Change evidences further how we must continue our work to change our global activities rapidly. More lobbying of government for climate action alongside #fitfor55 and #eugreendeal and more support to businesses to become more sustainable are just two things urgently required to ensure a liveable planet within our generation.

The below impacts are already foretold, this summer has shown the potential impacts of climate change through extreme weather events. More of these are now unavoidable, as the summary for policy makers makes clear:

• ⁠Global temperatures will rise 1.5C above 1850-1900 levels by 2040 across all emissions scenarios
• ⁠There will be an increasing occurrence of some extreme events "unprecedented in the historical record" even at warming of 1.5C

Let us hope we can turn back the tide through quick and decisive action.

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