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BISCI Strategy 2022 - 2025

Bart Vos, Scientific Director, BISCI opened with a lot of enthusiasm the BISCI four-day strategy meeting being conducted on 25th, 27th January and 1st, 3rd February.

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FSD Website Launch

Today we proudly launch the Fair and Smart Data Spearhead website!

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Service Logistics Forum (SLF) Thesis Award 2021

Three out of the five SLF Thesis Award 2021 nominees are MSc theses from GSCMC programme supervised by Adriana Saraceni under the Holland Robotic Logistics – Last Mile Delivery project. BISCI and Maastricht University School of Business and Economics...

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Blog: Supply Chain Leadership

While the general public and general management areas are maybe only now waking up to what supply chain managers and scholars have been calling for years, there is also a novel aspect that deserves more attention.

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Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

The Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI) develops smart and sustainable innovations in supply chain management. Set up by Maastricht University and the Province of Limburg in early 2019, BISCI seeks to apply the latest results of logistics research to address the challenges of service providers in the region and beyond. In addition, the institute trains the next generation of professionals who can contribute to supply chain innovation in the industry. BISCI derives its strength from closely collaborating with partners in the public, private and community sectors.

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