In addition to the guest lectures, another core BISCI offering in the Educational impact area is the opportunity for students to take part in internships either with BISCI directly or supporting a BISCI client project. Some students also work on their thesis during the course of their internships. Overall since 2020, 30 students from UM/SBE, Fontys Hogeschool and Zuyd Hogeschool have been part of BISCI as interns or as thesis interns supporting in various client projects. This also provides an opportunity to the students for a first job with clients that BISCI is working with.  

Internship and Thesis Experience

“I started at BISCI under the auspices of Ton Geurts as one of my supervisors for my Masters Thesis. Ton gave me the great opportunity to support him on meetings with local businesses in Limburg, to discuss my thesis and the topic of sustainability. I gladly took up this offer, seeing as the reason for leaving my previous employment was my desire to support businesses in becoming more sustainable! BISCI (Dominik Mahr, Bart Vos and Ton Geurts) gave me the opportunity to formally become a member of the BISCI team, to become his wingman and develop our Programme Management Office, supporting the development of multiple BISCI ecosystems. I truly enjoy being in the midst of research, education and market impact!”

- Grant Davis, Project Manager, BISCI

" My journey at BISCI began as Zuyd University assigned a group of students to aid BISCI in conducting landscape reviews for various GHG measuring and reporting methods for Arvato SCS under the supervision of Grant Davis. This project widened my horizon and deepened my knowledge in the sustainability field, which eventually encouraged me to cooperate further with BISCI. Thus, BISCI (Victor Verboeket and Herman Worries) supervised me for my Bachelor Thesis, which addressed the evaluation and creation of different supply chain scenarios for the bio-based feedstock transition of the chemical sector in Limburg. I enjoyed my time at BISCI as it provided a safe space to conduct research and develop knowledge in the midst of a pandemic."

- Aren Bostooughli, Intern, BISCI

“My first appearance at the BISCI-family started during my graduation project of ZUYD University. Under supervision of Shreyas Sridhar, I worked alongside a professional and educating team on a business case for VDL Nedcar where we focussed on a sustainable solution to reduce GHG emissions by researching a possibility to do a modal shift within their inbound logistics processes. During my internship, BISCI inspired me to continue within the supply chain branch, which has led to the point that I will start my master’s in Supply Chain Management at Tilburg University, whilst keep on working for BISCI to carry on finding solutions for complex supply chain challenges that concern sustainability and innovation. The balance between sharing knowledge and working with each other in a comfortable work environment, made my time at BISCI very pleasant and interesting. “ 

- Sem van Lier, Intern, BISCI

 "Through my professor at ZUYD university I got into contact with Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI) in specific Grant Davis (Project Manager) he offered a business case for a group of students and my group was selected as best fit. We started working with BISCI on sustainability projects and gained a deeper insight in the sector of sustainability. I liked the way of working and the diversity of people that much that I asked Grant Davis if there would be a possibility to continue working with BISCI as a graduate intern. Fortunately, it was possible, and I fulfilled my internship at BISCI. I got all the support I needed while writing my thesis from my internship supervisor Grant Davis and every other employee involved in my graduation project. Working with BISCI is something special, people from so many countries, different cultures and religions and all are working together hand in hand. Every single one can benefit from the other. Luckily my journey with BISCI will continue and I am glad to call all of them my colleagues."

- Cathrin Wittland, Intern, BISCI